The game of Authenticity was created to provide people that are dating, engaged or newly married the opportunity to learn more about their mate in a fun, interactive yet informative format.  To achieve the full benefits of the game you and your partner must be completely Authentic. To be authentic is to truly be yourself, be proud of your past and your future. The focus is not winning or losing but learning and connecting  so that you can determine if there is a love connection or if counseling is in your near future. You can lose this game if you and/or your mate are not authentic in answering the questions. I hope that you find this game helpful in finding that person with which you truly connect.
Your mate say's "I love you" but you are not there yet, would you say it back? - Sex and Romance Category

On a scale of 1-10 how important is maintaining a good credit score? - Finance Category

What is your biggest fear? - Life Category

Describe your mother in 3 words. - Family Category

Do you believe in God? - Religion Category

You and your mate are invited over to your mate's boss' home for dinner. You noticed you mate's boss' wife drops your steak on the floor, picks it up and serves it to you. Would you address the issue or ignore it and eat the steak?
- Situation Category

Imitate your mate. - Actions Category